We are now presenting a traditional game: Rock Paper Scissors, which is simple and widely-spread worldwide. Through our platform, participants instantly can play this game against people from all over the world. This game is supported by piles of public blockchain, ready to become the most popular decentralized game and welcoming all the people to take part in.

Players will be able to freely play this mode, and the game will start after the bet is mutually agreed. What's more, players can choose either consuming the USDC/USDT or token for the game bet. Scarcely had the playerlost his bet, other player won all the money.

Bet not exceeding: 50USDC per game /50USDT per game / 50BZG per game

Every contestant will start as a basic score 100. They will be freely to randomly match a new challenger and having a best of 5 game -winning for grabbing the others' score. For example, two contestant with same 100 score, the winner takes the all and the loser turns to 0. However, if one having 500 score against the other having 300, the most score winner takes is 300.

When players against pool, regardless win, lost or draw, will be deemed as mining which will reward BZG to players.

Bet not exceeding: 500USDC per game / 500USDT per game / 500BZG per game

The most fascinating point is, once users get tired of being player, they will be strongly recommended to join the banker's pool, so that sharing profit from the pool, which means users can choose be not only players but also banker. The rate of return will be dynamic according to every single game from players against pool.